mural, mural on the wall

I moved into a new apartment recently, in Pacot, an old neighborhood full of hills and historic homes. I’m really happy about the move (I can walk to work!), but the place doesn’t have a lot of character. So.. I decided to paint all over my wall!

Here’s the finished product: inspired by mountain silhouettes, with a whole bunch of different freehand patterns. I mostly just made them up as I went along.


Painting is not my strong suit (believe me/ask my mom, who recently unearthed all my old canvases from Painting 101 freshman year of college), but I loved the process of freestyle pattern making. I painted a lot of this in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, during the time that I would have spent braving Port-au-Prince morning traffic on the back of a moto.

Here’s the evolution in gif format!


I kinda love the idea of continuing to spend an hour every morning on a creative projectРsomething low-pressure, just for fun. What should I tackle next?